Beedoh T-Shirts!

We recently collabed with Logan Rice the man behind Beedoh!  A full length out of Michigan featuring: Vinnie Mango, Eric Clark, Jason Reynolds, Eric Danescu, Ian Tiefel, Dre Brown, Aaron Goure, Garritt Gilbert, and More.  We are hyped to be backing this video.  Knowing how much work, time, and money go into making a full length video we wanted to do something that could help support Logan in funding the DVD production.  From that came the Beedoh T-Shirt!  For every shirt sold $5 will be used to donate towards Beedoh! 

Original Artwork: Josh Barnett // Re-Design: Frank-o Antonio Terenzi

Buy the Beedoh T-Shirt now in our online store!


Beedoh Promo 

Beedoh Promo #1


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