Custom Embroidery Services

We offer custom embroidery services to accommodate a wide range of brands. Stand out with personalized garments to promote your business using our services. Pricing varies per size and stitch count, breakdown and contact form found below. Please allow 1-2 business days on all embroidery inquiries or reach out directly via email at

Embroidery Minimums
We have a minimum order of 12 pieces at this time for custom embroidery orders.
 Standard turnaround times (approximate)
1-3 weeks (depending on production schedule)
We do accept customer supplied garments however there are no refunds or exchanges on any damaged garments for any reason.  Mistakes happen in the custom garment business.  When we supply the garment we absorb the replacement cost and factor that into our pricing.  Unfortunately when a customer brings in garments we can not reimburse or refund for any damaged items for any reason.  If you are concerned about errors we recommend having us supply the garment.  This is not said to scare you away as mistakes are rare and most imperfections are very small and most of the time not even noticeable.  However this is to protect us from when we take jobs on higher priced items as we do not raise our service cost.  Thank you for understanding.