Beedoh is a full length skate video out of Michigan by Logan Rice featuring Eric Clark, Vinnie Mango, Eric Danescu, Jason Reynolds, Aaron Goure, Dre Brown, Mitch Metzger, Garritt Gilbert, Paul Bergerson, Ian Tiefel, and More.  Logan  hit me us awhile back looking for video sponsors and after seeing his first two full lengths Bars, and Mornin', and to top it off out of Michigan (our home state).  It was a obvious yes for us.  Logan also put us in touch with Eric Clark who we decided to put on our team.  Throughout the filming of the video Logan was always sending updates of Ricks footage and doing separate uploads for us to checkout so we knew some of the clips that were being used and holy shit were we pumped. 
To help with the costs of filming for a independent video, not to mention he rented out the Magic Stick for the premiere (and let us set up a booth), we decided to do a T-Shirt Collab to help cover the cost of printing.  The shirt is pictured below and is available in our online store for only $15.00.  $5 for every shirt sold goes directly to Logan Rice.  We sold most of the shirts at the premiere and only have a few left at the moment so grab one before they run out.
The premiere was sick, we got there around a hour early not really knowing what to expect and going with the flow as usual.  We showed up to find a little exclusive before hand gathering with the Beedoh crew playing pool and a little boozing.  Logan running around had to purchase 3 dvd players that night to show the film. Redw00d had the music banging to set the tone for the night.  The video turned out way to sick, even better then expected.  Somehow without knowing I ended up next to Rick during his part and was pleased to see him rocking Wub tees throughout the part, and his last trick well you will just have to buy the DVD to see that.  Hotel after party because Logan is a baller and does it big like that.  The premiere was great, Beedoh was great, and the after party was great.  Support great people doing great things and pick up a copy of Beedoh in our online store or at select skateshops.  They are only $10 + Shipping and Handling and all of that money goes to Logan. 

Beedoh Promo #1

Beedoh Promo #2

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