Art Talk with Joey Howell January 23 2014, 0 Comments


Age? 19

Where are you located? Im located in Lakeland, Florida but soon to be moving to Orlando, Florida

How did you start working with Wub?
I actually dont remember the first time I approaced wub or if Wub approched me but I remember putting out my first design with them which was the smoking head design and it seemed to go well after that!
Preview of Joeys newest wheel design which will be dropping with our Spring 2014 line.
How long have you been doing what you do? 
Ive been designing for companies and people since mid '09
Who are some people/ brands you have worked with in the past?
Wub of course, Stay Cruel Skateboards, Sk8rats, RipNDip, tons of bands back in '09-'10, New Blood Sk8shop, Man Cave TF etc.
Joey Howell RIPNDIP Graphic
A lot of skateboarders dig that raw art that you do so well, Has it always been like that do you think?
I think skateboarders like the art I put out because I do it for them, I am a skateboarding artist doing art for skateboarding. I just put out what id wanna see.. so its cool to see people catch on and get stoked about it too.
Are there any influences on your style? 
I am heavly influenced by skateboarding and its culture, I remember when I was younger Id look at a lot of skateboard deck designs in catalogs id get from CCS way back in elementary school and Id try to draw them up and make my own designs.. A lot of my style has been influnced by old 40's music and movies from that era, I just get such a good vibe from them, I really love horror and thriller movies from that time too.. way original. I love Rod Serling's "The Twilight Zone" that show specificly (though not from the 40's) had a huge impact on my creative style of thinking. 
Joey Howell "Lurker"
For sure CCS used to be that shit.  I know where I am at and not having a skateshop at the time it was huge to get monthly product mags and checkout all the new stuff.  What are some of the companies that you dig? Brand wise as well as graphic? 
I really dig Toy Machine.. Ed templeton is the man! He kills it with the brand and his graphics and photography
How do you usually start and prepare a design? 
Ill go to the studio write a few notes down about the design if the client has any for me.. Then I go and start sketching out the idea.. Ill usually have a few sketches made out before I pick one to run with, while doing that Ill study the company watch their videos etc and try to get a feel for their style visually.
Any current projects we should keep an eye out for?
Yeeahh! Im actually working on pieces for my art show this friday (Jan, 24 2014) there gonna be realeased after that date to the internet so keep your eyes open for that for sure.. Ive also been writing short stories to go with some of my pieces.. If I think they're any good ill release them out on my website (
This May I am coming to Florida for a week will you still be in Lakeland?  I want to skate that park so bad!  Last year the opening day was when I came down with my girlfriend and I wanted to go, we literally drove right past Lakeland I was bummed cause she was tired as I was to from driving straight through.  How has that park affected your local skate scene?
Duuuuuuuude! no way.. I was at the grand opening! you should have come.. you missed out the park is soooo sick! the kids there are so rad too. shout out to "squaddd!" the park has effected the skate scene in Lakeland a huge way.. Im born and raised here in Lakeland. The skate scene before were pretty much all the die hard skateboarders.. skating super sketchy parks and just street spots around Lakeland really nothing to fun. Since the park has opened up you can go there and just watch kids from all over the state rip it up! Companies have popped up around Lakeland too its looking good.
Any shout outs?
hell yeeee. Lemme get a big ol' shout out to Ryan O' Connor (RipNDip)
All my bois in the struggle. (Esp you killacam/FREE CAMERON). 
a shoutout to wub wheels for being rad af. 
oh and my Murder Crew bois, you know who u r.