Peter Morris x Wub Collection

The idea for the Peter Morris collection came naturally from him being a team rider for us and always seeing his drawings via his instagram @peterjeremy.  I approached Peter with the idea to collab and leave him to doing what he does best and sketching up some ideas.  He hit me back with a handful of cool sketches which I narrowed down to the 2.



Now that we have the artwork I know we can do the rest.  So we think of some cool products and color combinations to include into the collection.  We recently purchased a new embroidery machine this year so we had a grasp of what we wanted to see happen and how these designs would look embroidered.  We took the sharpee drawing and turned it into thread.  

We look forward to doing more fun projects like this in the future.  Feel free to reach out, and check the items out below.  You can purchase this collection here.



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